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    Members of the Ҵý Public Ҵýs World Languages department believe that communication is the essence of being human and that foreign language study provides students with the communication skills to understand and connect with other cultures and communities. Effective communication, based on an understanding of other cultures, offers students a foundation for future academic, personal, and career success.
    The World Languages department offers students the opportunity to learn French, German, Japanese, Latin, Spanish, and Chinese from beginning to intermediate proficiency levels in grades 6-12. Most of our languages offer preparation for the College Board Advanced Placement examinations for college credit.
    Curriculum and teaching methods are based on the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning framework developed by the American Council on Teaching Foreign Languages (ACTFL). This framework reflects the ideas that foreign language skills are:
    • Of increasing importance in a global society
    • A career asset for students in the twenty-first-century workforce
    • An experience that broadens students' worldview
    • Helpful in gaining an understanding of one's language and culture
  • What is the Missouri Seal of BiLiteracy?

    The Missouri Seal of BiLiteracy (SoBL) is an award given to graduating students who have demonstrated functional proficiency in English, another language, and intercultural competence. Ҵý Public Ҵýs has a DESE-approved program to award the Seal and the Distinguished Seal of BiLiteracy.  All CPS students who have studied another language in school or learned another language through family interactions or travel are eligible to become SoBL recipients if they meet all of the requirements.

  • Seal of BiLiteracy Requirements

    In English, you must have passed the English II EOC (10th grade ELA EOC) with a score of PROFICIENT or higher.  Or you must earn or have earned a score of 18 or higher on the ELA section of the ACT.  If you are an English Learner, you should have earned a score of 4.0 or higher on the ACCESS 2.0 test.

    In a language other than English (LOTE), you will have to earn a score of Intermediate-Mid or higher on the CPS-approved proficiency test in the language. These tests will be scheduled in March, and you will receive more information as soon as it is available.  If there is not a test in your LOTE, you will be able to complete a portfolio that demonstrates your skills in the language in place of the test.

    To attain this level of proficiency as a native English speaker, you should have completed or be enrolled in a level 4 or AP language course this year. Or you may have acquired another language by living in another country or through family ties. If you are an English Learner, you probably already speak a language other than English with a high proficiency.  However, you have learned a LOTE, as long as you can converse on a common topic, you are eligible.

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