• Tutoring in Ҵý Public Ҵýs

    Ҵý Public Ҵýs offers free academic tutoring options for its students - online and in-person.

    Online Tutoring

    The tutoring support, called TutorMe, is available 24/7. Your scholar may access TutorMe any time by logging in to the CPS student portal.  

    The addition of this support is the result of input from our community and will be paid for using ESSER COVID relief funds. 

    TutorMe FAQ

    What is TutorMe?

    TutorMe offers virtual tutoring opportunities for scholars in grades K-12 on virtually any subject. Tutors are available online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    How do I log in?

    Scholars can access the Chrome web browser for TutorMe by logging in to the CPS Student Portal.

    Are the tutors employed by Ҵý Public Ҵýs?

    No, they are not. The TutorMe network includes thousands of expert tutors in their fields. Tutors must undergo a thorough background check.

    What can students request assistance for?

    Everything – if they need help with math, or writing feedback, if there’s a question on trigonometry or chemistry, there is a tutor to help you!

    Does TutorMe help with Advanced Placement and/or Dual Enrollment courses at the high school level?

    Yes! TutorMe began as a tutoring service for college students. Tutors are available to support students in most subjects and at any level.

    Do students need to be on camera to receive tutoring support?

    Students and families can decide. While video tutoring sessions are available, there are also audio chat and text chat options.

    How do students get help writing reports and essays?

    The TutorMe Writing Lab is accessible to students 24/7. The writing lab assists with editing papers and essays. More details on how to upload documents to the lab are available online.

    In-Person Tutoring (Beginning in mid-October 2023)

    Free in-person tutoring is available from CPS teachers in the areas of math and language arts.

    How can I sign up my student?

    Contact your school building administrator for more information.

    Why are only Math and ELA content and skills included in ESSER Tutoring?
    Elementary & Secondary Ҵýs Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds are monies given to each school district by the federal government to be used to address learning loss caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.  

    Can teachers in other content areas tutor in Math and ELA skills and content?
    Yes, qualified teachers in other content areas can provide ESSER tutoring services in Math and ELA skills and content.   

    How long will ESSER Tutoring last?
    ESSER tutoring will continue through the 2023-24 school year as long as ESSER funds last.