• Library Media Specialists

    Ҵý library media programs are integral to student achievement. The library media specialist provides direct instruction to students and collaborates with teachers to provide authentic learning experiences that develop proficiency in information literacy, literature appreciation, societal/ethical issues, and technology skills. Through an integrated instructional program, school library media specialists ensure that students, faculty, and staff are effective users of ideas and information.

Contact Name Email Building Extension Grade Level
Kelly Powell kepowell@cpsk12.org Aslin 25411 District support: Administrative support
Kerry Townsend ktownsend@cpsk12.org Aslin 25418 District Support: Library Media Coordinator
April Sarff asarff@cpsk12.org Alpha Hart Lewis Elementary 16470 Elementary
Kerri Stith kstith@cpsk12.org Battle Elementary Ҵý 14470 Elementary
Josh Ray JRay@cpsk12.org Benton 11470 Elementary
Erika Fitch EFitch@cpsk12.org Beulah Ralph 50470 Elementary
Katie Canepa kcanepa@cpsk12.org Beulah Ralph?/ Paxton Keeley 50470 (BEU) and 45470 (KEE) Elementary
Lorelei Donaldson LDonaldson@cpsk12.org Blue Ridge 15470 Elementary
Matt Villasana MVillasana@cpsk12.org Cedar Ridge 54470 Elementary
Amy Wittman awittman@cpsk12.org Derby Ridge 20470 Elementary
Valerie Harre VHarre@cpsk12.org Fairview 31470 Elementary
John Nies jnies@cpsk12.org Grant 39470 Elementary
Kristen Burkemper KBurkemper@cpsk12.org Locust Street 51470 Elementary
Erin White Ewhite@cpsk12.org Midway 37470 Elementary
Sharon Stemmons SStemmons@cpsk12.org Mill Creek 52470 Elementary
Kris Detmer KDetmer@cpsk12.org New Haven 56470 Elementary
Josh Howard johoward@cpsk12.org Parkade 55470 Elementary
Caroline Hanson chanson@cpsk12.org Paxton Keeley Elementary Ҵý 45470 Elementary
Rebecca Munsterman RMunsterman@cpsk12.org Ridgeway Elm. 59470 Elementary
Kristina Tutt ktutt@cpsk12.org Rock Bridge Elm. 63470 Elementary
Martha Faimon mfaimon@cpsk12.org Russell 67470 Elementary
Sharon Salmons SSalmons@cpsk12.org Shepard Blvd 71470 Elementary
Julie Nichols jnichols@cpsk12.org Two Mile Prairie 57470 Elementary
Misha Fugit MFugit@cpsk12.org West Blvd 79470 Elementary
Jayme Pingrey JPingrey@cpsk12.org Battle HS 38140 High Ҵý
Carolyn Chipley-Foster CChipley@cpsk12.org Battle HS 38142 High Ҵý
Jessi Spinder-Menold Jmenold@cpsk12.org Douglass HS 17470 High Ҵý
Katie Dunne kdunne@cpsk12.org Hickman HS 43471 High Ҵý
Julie Ryan juryan@cpsk12.org Hickman HS 43470 High Ҵý
Donny Silver dsilver@cpsk12.org Rock Bridge HS 33470 High Ҵý
Jill Varns jvarns@cpsk12.org Rock Bridge HS 33471 High Ҵý
Christine Spurling CSpurling@cpsk12.org Gentry 36470 Middle Ҵý
Jill Kiley JKiley@cpsk12.org Jefferson 47470 Middle Ҵý
Stephanie Wightman SWightman@cpsk12.org John Warner 22470 Middle Ҵý
Ericka Alten EAlten@cpsk12.org Lange 49470 Middle Ҵý
Alyssa Holland aholland@cpsk12.org Oakland 53470 Middle Ҵý
Neva Jorgensen JJorgensen@cpsk12.org Smithton 75470 Middle Ҵý
Tricia Price tpice@cpsk12.org West Middle 13470 Middle Ҵý
Marigrace Powers mpowers@cpsk12.org CELN 21470 Programs
Marigrace Powers mpowers@cpsk12.org CORE 64200 Programs