Ҵý Announces Aclaimant As New Allied Vendor

CHICAGO, March 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Ҵý today announced the selection of Aclaimant, a leading enterprise incident management system, as the newest member of its Allied Vendor Program.

Aclaimant utilizes real-time, patent-pending technology to enable users to actively manage the incident workflow process. Aclaimant's system engages the employee, empowers the policyholder and invites collaboration between all relevant parties in the incident management process to reduce the overall cost of claims.  

"Workplace injuries are among the leading causes of missed time at work, and effectively managing them requires more than just reacting once they occur," said Steve Hernandez, Senior Vice President, Commercial Risk Control, Ҵý. "Ҵý is pleased to offer our customers a solution that encourages active management to improve risk control and business operations, as employers who fail to maintain accurate records may find themselves facing regulatory citations and fines."

In 2007, Ҵý developed its Allied Vendor Program to provide customers with access to additional risk control programming that creates safer, more secure work environments. This program remains a key resource for providing tools to assist policy holders in mitigating risk and delivering on Ҵý's commitment to show its customers more than just an insurance policy.

For more information about Aclaimant or for a complete list of participating vendors, please visit the webpage for Ҵý's .

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