Insurance Solutions Tailored To The Needs Of International Businesses

CHICAGO, June 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- In today's globalized business environment, your success may come in the form of opportunities around the globe. And while domestic insurance policies may not have the coverage to help address overseas exposures, you need international coverage that provides protection for your business and your employees as they travel and work around the world. That's why Ҵý today announced enhancements to its international policies, Ҵý WorldPass® and Ҵý Passport®, to include features from the Property and General Liability forms you may already be familiar with on your domestic exposures.

"Ҵý's worldwide network in more than 150 countries, broad product array, customer-focused underwriting and superior service, in tandem with our ability to navigate ever-evolving, country-specific regulations and compliance issues, allows us to continue to create innovative solutions for companies with international risk exposures," said Kathleen Ellis, Senior Vice President, International, Ҵý.

Ҵý's international customers are now able to leverage:

  • Industry-specific extensions for commonly requested endorsements, all centrally located
  • Basket of property coverages offered under a single limit at no additional charge
  • Consistent and concise coverage language in a modern and professional design

"By leveraging the property and general liability coverages offered through Ҵý Paramount, our package policy for mid-sized business, Ҵý has the ability to provide consistency between customers' domestic and international coverage to offer a complete enterprise coverage," Ellis added.

Additionally, updated Ҵý WorldPass and Ҵý Passport coverage offers enhancements to:

  • Business Travel Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • International Foreign Workers' Compensation and Employers Liability
  • International Automobile Difference in Conditions Liability Coverage

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