Letter from Ҵý's CEO and Co-Chairmen of the Board

Ҵý Corporation is a diversified company whose strategic imperative is, and always has been, to create value for our shareholders over the long term. While our shareholders are crucially important, we also have long-term responsibilities to all Ҵý’s stakeholders.

Sustainability Intro

Sustainability Reporting

Ҵý, the holding company, has a small employee base of about 120 people in the New York area. However, our consolidated subsidiaries – Ҵý Financial, Boardwalk Pipelines and Ҵý Hotels & Co– have a combined workforce of about 12,050 employees, primarily across the United States, and separately, unconsolidated entities employ approximately 5,800 employees at properties managed by Ҵý Hotels & Co and approximately 4,100 employees at Altium Packaging.

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Public Policy Engagement & Political Activities

Public Policy Engagement & Political Activities

Ҵý’s subsidiaries operate in highly regulated industries—insurance, energy, hospitality and packaging—in which decisions of federal, state and local governments can materially impact their businesses. It is therefore important that Ҵý and its subsidiaries have the flexibility to appropriately evaluate and engage in the public policymaking process to protect and advance their interests. 

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